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Design Project


In my design, I primarily focused on highlighting Peer Gynt’s journey. I delved into the true nature of the main character.

I compared his journey, the constant search for oneself that would give his life a meaning, to a sexual exploration.

Diving deeper in the symbolism I discovered that a pig is very similar to Peer. 

The pig is a symbol of an outsider, divine fruitfulness and immortality, as well as of slovenliness, gluttony and lust.

Over the years, it has become a symbol of the deadly sin and the constant appetite for "more".

That is why, during the whole play, the audience can spot a lot of pig references. At a given moment they reflect the state of Peer Gynt’s mind.

The sonography is designed with the use of a few but strong elements that are often exaggerated into larger forms. As “Peer Gynt” is a play with a lot of setting changes, with one action flowing very quickly from another, I decided to make use of that in my design. The sonography changes will happen on stage in front of the public. 

With the help of a few elements, lighting will be a new setting that will flow through the previous one.

The costume design is very extreme, with bold colours and forms that reflect the sexual awakening of our main character. 

During the play Peer Gynt is constantly changing which adds new layers to the “cover up” of his true self.

her · komst

de herkomst zelfst.naamw. (v.) 

Uitspraak: [ ˈhɛrkɔmst ] 

Afbreekpatroon: her·komst

waar iets of iemand vandaan komt

“Herkomst” (-“Origin”)

 is an installation that was created based on my theatrical essay.

Inspired by the abandoned objects, untold stories of someone else's belongings.

In search of answers to questions such as:

What happens to our precious positions when we leave the world?

What is our perspective as viewers of the objects we don't feel a personal connection with?






My theatrical essay takes you into the shoes of another person.

What can you find out about someone's life if you are open to conversation?

How can living another person inspire you in your art?




Dora Dynks and Waldemar Wihajster receive information about a series of brazen thefts. On the same night, the wings of Pegasus from the roof of the Poznań Opera House, one nice lion supporting the fountain in the Rose Courtyard of the Castle, and a fragment of the famous neon sign of the Poznań Nightingales disappear. Without hesitation, the detectives go on a mad chase after the mysterious thief. This time, the trail will take them much further than the previous mission - they will visit Greece, Spain, even fly to the United States, and also... into space! What isn't done for our beloved Poznań?


CREATORS- tekst: Malina Prześluga, director: Marek A. Cyris,  scenography: Jakub Psuja

costume: Iga Van der Moeren, music: Michał Wereda, Light: Michał Krugiołka

directors assistant: Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris

CAST- Marek A. Cyris, Magdalena Dehr, Anna Domalewska, Piotr Grabowski ,Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris, Zuzanna Łuczak Wiśniewska




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